A Day in the Life of a JOY Student!

JOY is dedicated to creating sustainable relationships of service between colleges and deserving ministries in the Dominican Republic and other places where children face a cycle of poverty, abuse, and malnutrition. These partnerships encourage young people to invest in a lifetime of service through child sponsorship, hands-on service, and advocacy for incredible organizations who serving at-risk and orphaned youth. Our service trips and on-campus service are catalysts for young people to use their passions for purpose! 

What does a day in the life of a JOY student look like?

Take a look at a JOYful day for two different college students. One is on a JOY service trip and the other is on campus!

A Day in the Dominican Republic

It's a sunny day in the Dominican Republic and our JOY students are there to serve the staff and children at Kids Alive schools! A day of JOYful service abroad has a not-so-typical schedule: 

1. Wake up and meet up with your team

2. Paint a school, help in the classroom, mix cement...serve where you're needed! 

3. Host after-school soccer with children at the orphanage

4. Deliver and organize donations

5. Eat a traditional Dominican meal and get to know the members of the community

6. Spend time in community with your team

7. Get ready for another full day of JOY! 

A Day on Campus

 It's another busy day on campus for JOY college students across the country. And though they're going to classes and meeting with friends like most college kids, JOY students' days on campus are far from typical:

1. Meet with professors to design independent studies or purpose-driven projects that serve those in need

2. Get the word out about your JOY medical drive

3. Hang out with your JOY book club for dinner and community

4. Stop by JOY Coffeehouse to write letters to the children you sponsor in the Dominican Republic 

5. Brainstorm with your JOY team about ways to serve children in need in your community and to advocate for your Kids Alive friends around the world 

Whether they're on campus, serving in their communities, or hosting their own charity drives from home, JOY students are active, purpose-driven young people. They are serving others right here, right now. You can too! 

Do you want to serve at-risk and orphaned youth at home and abroad? There are ways to serve wherever you are!

We're serving in the Dominican Republic in May 2017! Join us! 

Not a college student?

JOY partners with individuals, businesses and organizations too!