JOY is a non-profit organization that facilitates purposeful travel to reach at-risk and orphaned youth in developing nations. Young people are using their classes, campuses, and passions to serve these children. 

Our work is possible through grants and the generosity of private donors. You may choose how and where to give. 


you will be directed to our secure giving site. 

you will be directed to our secure giving site. 

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Who We Are

JOY is a non-profit organization dedicated to combatting the cycle of poverty that children face in developing countries by connecting young people in powerful ways. We foster confident and compassionate leaders who serve abroad and on campuses across the country. These young leaders serve children in need by running campus child sponsorship programs, supporting ministries through travel and service, and fundraising on campus.

Most importantly, JOY campuses encourage lasting and meaningful friendships between college students and children in need.  When college students utilize their passions for purpose, they flourish. When at-risk and orphaned youth know they are loved and respected, they flourish too. And when young people from different places come together in friendship, justice and joy unite. 

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