Writing a letter to your friends and family is a great way to invite others to be a part of your trip and to support those who will be serving alongside you . But before you lick that envelope or click send, it's a good idea to go over a few things. 

Suggestions to keep in mind

1.  Make it personal. Why do you want to be a part of JOY's trip? Why do you want to work with these children? 

2. Include important information

  • Where will you be serving? 
  • What will you be doing?
  • Dates of the trip
  • What is your fundraising goal?
  • How to give
    • Include instructions to access your fundraising profile or ways to mail donations

It is also helpful to give loved ones an idea of what JOY is all about. Send them to us! www.spreadjoynow.org

3.  Remember the Where and Why. Address the important reasons you will be traveling to this country, but also be sure to emphasize the beneficial outcomes of the trip. How will this be a positive experience? 

Needs in the Dominican Republic

  • Children are stuck in a cycle of poverty
  • Many children come difficult home lives and are facing hunger, neglect, and abuse on a daily basis. 

Examples of trip outcomes: 

  • Experiencing a new culture and way of life
  • The cost of your trip will benefit Kids Alive children's ministries in the country where you are serving. 
  • The opportunity to create unique and impactful friendships

4. Proofread and get to the point! It's important to be short and sweet. There is a balance between making something personal and dragging things on for too long. Have a friend read over your letter before you send it. They can also find mistakes that spellcheck may have missed. 

Most importantly...

5. Be respectful and show gratitude! Remember that others' generosity should be met with thanks. Write thank you letters to those who are supporting your trip.

Don't try to exaggerate or stretch the truth to make your trip seem especially important. Remain humble and remember that those you meet while abroad will be serving alongside you. You will be partners with these new friends and you will be learning from them!