Flexibility & Sense of humor

 DR Contact information 

 Passport (bring a photocopy of your information page in case you lose your 


 $10.00 for tourist entry tax (paid in cash on arrival to the DR) 

 Extra money for souvenirs, drinks or other small items (optional)

 Bible (recommended)  

 Spanish-English dictionary (optional) 

 Photos of family to share with kids (The kids LOVE these!) 

 Toiletries 

 Towel (optional)—some are available 

 Pillow (optional)—some are available

 Twin sheets (optional)—some are available

 Bug repellant (90%+ DEET recommended) 

 Sunscreen 

 Work gloves 

 Camera 

 Hand sanitizer 

 Water bottle 

 Favorite snack foods with Ziploc bags to prevent ants

 Rain jacket 

 Plastic bags for dirty clothes 

 First Aid Kit with antibiotic ointment, bandages, anti-diarrhea medication, 

Tylenol, Sunburn treatment, any needed prescription medicine, etc. 

 Ministry Materials and/or donations 

*If you would like to leave sheets, pillow, towels or other items when you leave, they 

will be used in the ministry or given to a poor family who can use them. 

General Clothing 

 Travel clothes

 Work clothes

 Church clothes*

 T-shirts* 

 Light-weight pants/capris/shorts 

 Soccer cleats (optional) 

 Socks

 Underwear

 Tennis shoes

 Sandals (Tevas/Chacos are better than flip flops for river trips and hiking) 

 Hat/sunglasses (optional)

 Modest swim suit (in case we go to the river/ocean with the kids on an outing)

Please note: You will be dealing with impressionable young children who will want to be 

like you and dress like you. Generally, the evangelical church in the DR is more 

conservative than that of the U.S. Modesty is key! Thank you for helping us set a good 

example! –Kids Alive International