MiamiJOY is partnered with Kids Alive schools in



In Jarabacoa, we work with two schools run by Kids Alive International. 

Palo Blanco School



You can find Miami students spreading joy on campus too!



They are starting book clubs, 

hosting campus events, 

and using their passions for purpose! 


Student Team

Caroline Kelley

MiamiJOY President

A sophomore at Miami, Caroline is studying Social Work and Community Based Leadership. She loves children and hopes to work in a school district as a child’s counselor or at a non-profit organization after graduation. Her favorite pastimes are reading and hot yoga, or really any adventure outside!


Emily Yates

MiamiJOY President & Social Media Director

Emily is an undergrad who loves all things creative and a (good) cup of coffee. Emily studies Interactive Media, Graphic Design and Spanish at Miami University, while also pursuing a personal passion in photography and design. Emily is a firm believer in the power of intentional design. She aspires to spread truth and justice via multi-media platform.